It’s with great sadness that we share that our partners at Wild Carrot have had to close their Chavenage cafe and glamping with immediate effect. They have been denied a lease by the Chavenage Estate and have had no choice but to shut down operations.

First of all, our thoughts go out to the staff, who have been the soul of the business and whose livelihoods will be affected. Whilst the reasons for the lease being denied are unclear, its consequences are very clear.

Secondly, it is saddening to see a dream end so suddenly. The owners, James and Caron, poured their life and love into the Chavenage site. Anyone who has visited will have seen just what they had created. They are understandably heartbroken to have things end like this.

In addition to this, the Cotswolds loses a wonderful asset to the community. Wild Carrot was where friends and family socialised, it was where artists and musicians performed, and it was where walking and cycling clubs congregated. It was a place that brought people together.

And, finally, this will obviously have practical implications for our events, all of which started and/or finished in Chavenage. This will be a great loss, not least because Wild Carrot were early and enthusiastic supporters.

We have not asked the estate if they would still consider hosting us. And we will not be doing so. We will find an alternative venue and already have a shortlist of options. Bear with us as we try to figure this out and if anyone has suggestions, then please message us.

Most importantly, if you want to pay tribute to Wild Carrot, the staff and the owners, please show your support on social media. Let them know that the last two and a half years weren’t wasted by sharing any happy memories you have from the cafe❤️

(And if you want to burn your Poldark DVDs now, that’s cool too.)

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