Welcome to The Perfidious Albion

In 2021, The Perfidious Albion was born. Originally, a one-off ultra-endurance event designed for riders trapped in the UK who wanted to test themselves over a brutally hard 2,400-kilometre course, it has now spawned a number of smaller events as well.

But the aim remains unchanged: to offer accessible yet challenging riding that takes advantage of some of the best roads (and gravel) that mainland Britain has to offer. 2022 sees the return of the original event, as well as the introduction of a number of region-focussed events as well.

Why The Perfidious Albion?

The origins of the phrase “the perfidious Albion” come from international diplomacy, referring to the notoriously duplicitous and treacherous nature of the British government throughout history. We felt this same willingness to mislead and betray reflects the best and worst of UK riding. Sun-drenched images of sweeping vistas draw you in, before the cruel gradients and tempestuous weather deliver a swift dose of reality.

There is little doubt in our minds that British riding is rewarding, but it is also much tougher than elevation profiles or abstract metrics might suggest. This was evident in the scratch statistics from our first event, where just one rider reached the finish line.

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