2021 was a year of mixed fortunes for me personally. Many of you will know that I had my bike stolen during the Great British Divide, which was a fairly unpleasant experience. But I also experienced phenomenal generosity, not just during the unsuccessful search for my bike but also in the days afterwards.

It’s these acts of kindness that mean I look back on 2021 in a very different way than I might have done. But now I want to pay that forwards. I was the recipient of unexpected generosity last year, so now it’s time to pass that on to someone else.

Therefore, I’ve decided to give away a place on either The Perfidious Albion or The Wild West Country to someone who deserves it. I’m asking you to nominate someone for whatever reason you think makes sense. It could be they had some bad luck last year or it could be that they did something amazing.

The only thing I ask is that you nominate someone who is likely to want to ride one of our events. Ultra-endurance cycling is an acquired taste and I have no desire to inflict it on the unwilling!


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